Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join Lympstone Sailing Club?

The easiest thing to do is to click on the orange button on the JOIN LSC page, and complete the online form. We take safe and secure online payments (credit cards, debit cards and PayPal), but also offer other payment methods such as cheque or BACS.

I've joined... now how do I get to use the members only area of the website?


Registering to use the members area of the website is a different process to subscribing as a member of LSC - but don't worry it's super easy! Once registered, you will have access to private members-only areas of this website, including booking club boats and using the forum (a bit like facebook - but a private LSC version! You can add your own profile picture, chat with other members, upload photos etc)!

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I can’t sail but want to join

Quite a few of our members can’t sail but enjoy the atmosphere and social events. Others are retired sailors. If you’d like to sail, we will try to help you find someone to sail with. We run sail training courses, although these are primarily for youngsters. There are more sail training programme at Starcross or Exe sailing clubs.

How do I use the Club boats?

The club boats are for all members to use but must be booked out and treated with respect. Please use the boat booking form on the website.  If you’d like some help with rigging first, please contact our sailing secretary on

How do I get a mooring?

The moorings are owned and run by the Lympstone Harbour and Fisheries Board so you need to join them as well as joining LSC. They will talk to you about where to site your mooring and give advice on the most appropriate mooring for the Exe and your boat. Useful contacts are Don Govan and Col Graeme Wheeler.

How do I get a dinghy space?

The land around the Club is owned by the Harbour & Fisheries Board. They administer the spaces and the waiting list.

As an LSC member, how do I go about arranging to keep my boat at the harbour and/or on a mooring?

The foreshore, harbour and moorings  are owned by the Lympstone Fishery & Harbour Association.  You must therefore seek licenses from the Harbour Board to use their property.  Due to limited berthing space, there are waiting lists for certain facilities, in particular, dinghy summer dry berthing.  For more information please refer to F.A.Qs on the above website.  Also under Membership, one can find Application for Membership forms.