LSC Clubhouse Fire Notice

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Draft (based on WB email 31/10/14)

In the event of Fire in the Clubhouse:

1. Raise alarm (shout warning, ring Clubroom bell loudly if upstairs).

2. Evacuate premises, muster on slipway (tide permitting) or entrance lane.

  • Bar Tender/Committee Member/Event Organiser as available to supervise orderly evacuation.
  • Attend with Fire Extinguishers*, Fire Blanket* if judged manageable.
  • Contact Fire Brigade (999 – Fire) if needed, (LSC location - Lympstone Harbour, The Strand, EX8 5EX).

3. At Muster Point attempt to account for all people in the club at the time

Fire Exits:

  • Signed door, rear wall of clubroom adjacent to the bar. Turn R, follow along wall, down the steps; and also via the main access door in the lobby, if downstairs or if the stairway is clear.
  • Check especially that both changing rooms and toilets are empty


*NB! Two fire extinguishers are located in the Clubroom, one by the entrance door, the other by the door from the galley into the bar.

A third appliance is located in the entrance lobby. Fire Blanket is located in the galley.

LSC Committee November 2014

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