COVID-compliant OOD procedures

These guidelines set out how we have changed our procedures to minimise risk of COVID infection.

  1. Please keep at least 2m from people outside your household, at all times. If you have any COVID symptoms, please stay at home.
  2. As OOD, you are the club’s representative. If members are not complying with standard social distancing procedures or the club’s COVID guidelines, please feel that you have the authority to
    remind them of the rules.
  3. You are responsible for deciding if racing is going ahead. Please err more on the side of caution than usual, taking into account the conditions and the competence of the sailors planning to sail.
  4. Please use the disinfectant wipes to wipe down the radios, timer and horn at the start and end of the session.
  5. Please do not put the sign-up sheet up on the notice board, but instead ask the competitors to ‘sign up’ verbally, filling in the sheet yourself with your own pen
  6. Please remind members to keep 2m apart when launching. That means that launching will take longer; please reassure sailors that you will wait for them before starting the sequence.
  7. Where you have an AOD, please ensure (unless you are co-habiting) that you remain 2m apart from one another at all times, including when on the end of the wall. Please avoid passing each other walking up and down the wall, which is narrow. During launching, we recommend the AOD be on the slipway, helping and reminding people of the social distancing requirements.
  8. Please avoid setting a very short, or very heavily biased start line (where possible), because these will encourage sailors to bunch. There may also be more paddlers and swimmers than normal - please bear this in mind when setting the course.
  9. Please display the course outdoors, on the course board blackboard. This will avoid sailors crowding round a small piece of paper to see the course.
  10. Where possible we are extending rescue cover to members wishing to free sail while the race is taking place. Free sailors have been asked to verbally ‘sign in’ with you. You may extend rescue cover to them, in consultation with the rescue team, and you should agree a geographic limit (normally the race area). You are entirely entitled not to do so, for example if the rescue cover is stretched, or the conditions not suitable - in which case if they go out, it will be at their own risk. Please add the free sailors to the bottom of the sign up sheet, and remember to keep and eye out for them and ask the rescue boat to do the same.

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