Using the Forum

helpNew to the forum? Don't worry - follow this easy step-by-step guide and you'll be up and running in less than 10 minutes!

LSC Burgee


1. Registering a new account

2. Personalising your profile

3. Using the Forum

4. Forum groups

5. Your bookings history

6. Forgotten your password?




Firstly visit the forum registration page by clicking on this link [ Forum Registration ] (you will be taken to a page in a new window where you can create your new account, and this page and instructions will stay open).

  • Enter your username: Use this to log in each time.
  • Enter your email address: You'll need access to your email inbox in the next step. You'll also receive your LSC club notification emails at this account.
  • Choose a password: Use this to log in. Keep this private and don't share it.

Registration Forum

Enter your Profile Name: This name will be visible to other forum users and will be the name attached to your LSC event bookings.

Choose your LSC role from the drop-down box: (Member, Non-member, Committee)





Well done, you're nearly there! Prove you're not a robot (internet spam) by completing the 'Google ReCaptcha' text and then click the 'Complete Sign Up' button and you will be taken to a new message asking you to activate your account. You must now check the email account that you used to create your profile.

Created Forum

You should have an email from Lympstone Sailing Club in your inbox. If it isn't there, check your spam / junk folder, or check your inbox again in a couple of minutes.

Follow the instructions in the email (click the activation link in blue).

activation email

Your account is now activated, and you should see the following screen message:
log in

Now you can log in and begin using the forum! Click the words 'log in' in blue, and you will be taken to the log in screen.

Log In to Forum

Then use the username and password you created when registering, to enter the Forum and access your profile.

Don't forget to tick the 'Remember Me' box - the next time you log in will be much easier!

Once on the site you will notice that new pages will appear in the menu underneath the 'members area'.

Click on the 'Forum' item underneath the 'Members Area' of the main navigation menu to visit the forum anytime





Here is the Forum Activity main screen. Here you will see your personal greeting and a box to start commenting to the Forum Community (like Facebook). Below you will also see an activity stream for all forum members and website administrators (like Facebook's newsfeed).


Clicking on the grey and white profile box will bring you to your personal profile page, where you can personalise your profile picture and cover photo (like Facebook), and view your own Forum Activity and Notifications.

personal profile

Click on the 'Profile' link to edit your profile.

Clicking on 'Change Profile Photo' will allow you to upload your own image.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.49.02You can drag and drop an image file from your computer into the dotted box, or you can click on 'Select Your File' to browse your computer for an image.

For best results, your profile photo should be square.

Clicking on 'Change Cover Image' will allow you to upload your own cover image.

Cover PhotoYou can drag and drop an image file from your computer into the dotted box, or you can click on 'Select Your File' to browse your documents for an image.

For best results, your cover image should be at least 730px wide and 225px tall.




Posting and commenting: If you've ever used Facebook you'll find the forum very similar. You can post a comment / update from both your profile page and also the main 'Site-Wide Activity' screen, in the box which says "What's new, {your name}?".
Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 13.15.20

Adding media: You can upload images, audio and video files to your posts too. When you start posting you will see a little image appear:

add media


Clicking on this will take you to your computer to browse files - where you can choose the media you want to share, and upload it.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.35.44

Getting back to the forum: from a group page you can click on your own name underneath 'Forum Login' on the right of the page to bring you back to the forum.

Logging out: Click on 'Log Out'






Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.30.13

Currently there are two forum groups that you can use.

For Sale: Here you can post details and images of items you have for sale that you feel will be of interest to the LSC Community e.g. boat, sailing and safety equipment.

Duty Swaps: Use this group to negotiate duty swaps for your LSC social and sailing event duties, with the LSC Community.



It is important that you click on each group when you join the forum, so that you can see all posts from the community in your feed. Also, if you join the groups you will be able to start selling / buying and swapping your duties.

Once you have joined the groups you will be given extra options when posting an update / comment:

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 14.25.16

You will be able to choose where your post will appear.

If you feel that another group is required that will meet the needs of the LSC Community, please email with your suggestion.





my bookings

Go to 'Club Events > My Event Bookings' from the main menu to manage your LSC event bookings.




Forgot your password


Oh dear. I guess you'll have to reset your password! But don't worry - it's really easy to do. From the log in screen, click on the 'Lost Your Password' link below the login box.

You will be prompted to enter your username or forum account email in the box - and LSC will email you a new one!

Have you forgotten your username / email too? Well in that case please email with the subject 'Lost my username', and also giving your name. They will be able to help you.