Duty Rota

Hello! All members take part in helping to run the Club and to staff our many sailing events. Membership Duties fall into 4 categories:

  • Bar Duty  - Friday or Saturday, 7pm - bar closes  (anything between 9 - 11pm). We anticipate all members doing one bar duty every 2 years.
  • Social / Catering Duty - helping to run an event can involve shopping, cooking, serving up food, clearing away. We anticipate all members doing a social duty once a year or more.
  • Duty Afloat: Safety Boat Helm / Crew -
  • Officer of the Day / Assistant Officer of the Day -

If you have been allocated a duty on the calendar below, you will receive an email from LSC. Please click the link in your email to view your duty on this website.  You will also find your name next to the duty you are doing on the main event page. (Please also see Important Information About Duty Swaps below)

For Social/Catering duties, you will be in a team of 3 or 4 people and can arrange who does what, between you!

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If you are unable to do this duty and need to swap, please use the Forum Group 'Duty Swaps' to negotiate a swap with a fellow member. If you need help, please contact enquiries@lympstonesailingclub.co.uk as soon as possible.

Important Information About Duty Swaps


Lympstone Sailing Club Duty Swaps

To request a Duty Swap, go to the Forum Group called 'Duty Swaps', and then please click the 'Join Group' button.

Once you are a member of the group, you will be able to post a message requesting your swap and be able to reply to other members. Only members who have joined the Duty Swap group will see your message.

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  • Draught Ale
    • Fri 28th Jun
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